Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A spam e-mail mimicing Google

I received an e-mail by “Google beta.”
They said that I won the award of Google 13th anniversary project. So they would give me the prize, up to GBP800,000,000. And they asked me to send my personal information.

It was obvious that the e-mail is kidding me. They assumed Google and tried to get my personal information for a evil purpose, maybe.

I searched the word in the e-mail with Google. Soon many reports about an example of the spam e-mail were found.

Google 10th Anniversary Awards Lottery Scam

Yahoo Answers: Google 12th anniversary scam?

From the commentary of above websites, it is a kind of a fraud and the criminal is to ask the victims to pay upfront fee.

Also in Japan, I receive a lot of spam e-mail like this every day. The majority of this is about sexual items or free sex partners. But an article imitating other famous company is rather rare. English e-mail is tend to be seen as serious. So I have to be much cautious.

By the way, I am sorry that the spam filter by Google could not reject this spam.

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  1. Once I recieved Spanish spam Email. It was quite rare experience, because I cannot understand what they said, even single word... Perhaps we will receive Chinese or Hindi spam Email in the future.