Friday, May 10, 2013

The best way to multi tasks

We sometimes have to accomplish several tasks at the same time. Some clients ask favors of you one after another. You may deal with an accidental issue in the middle of a routine work.
Multi task dealing is one of essential skill for a business person. It is a great advantage if you can perform a different task accompanied with another one. Also the modern CPU of computers has multi core and is equipped with hyper threading.

I can perform multi tasks well. I always perform several works in the regions of clinical practice, research, and education. Each task are not so tough, so I can deal with all of them. Ability of mine is not extraordinary. I think that everyone can learn multi task performing.

What is the most important matter to perform multi tasks?

“Begin on the task whose deadline is the slowest.” This is it.

You may say it is the opposite. Unless you began on the task whose deadline is almost here, you would fail to catch the deadline, aren’t you?
No, it is nonsense.

If you begin on an urgent task, you will complete it just in time. I guess you have some experience. No extra time would be left. This is commonly known as Parkinson’s law.

Then, a new urgent task occurs soon after completion of the former task. You will begin on it. You will make great efforts to get it in time. And then, it is repeated. The result is that the task not urgent but more important will never end.

On the contrast, if you begin on the task not so urgent, what will happen? In the beginning, you may be relieved because the deadline is far after. But, other tasks remain untouched. You will get anxious gradually. If you do not complete the task before you, you are not able to even begin with another task which is urgent.

Yes, the concept of this method is to set the deadline of not urgent task forcibly. When the deadline is approaching, your concentration will be maximized, as you know.

This is the best way for multi task players.

Of course, this method is applicable only to not so complicated task. To complete a great task that costs several months or more, you should make up a rational plan.

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