Sunday, June 16, 2013

Catan Championship at Kamata

Today, I attended a competition of The Settlers of Catan at Kamata, Tokyo, as I wrote in a past entry.
I saw almost 80 players participated in the event.

No, it's not the Catan, but another event performed in the same building. It seemed to be related  to some animation movies. It was so crowded.

By the way, I played 3 games today. Each battle was quite exciting.

The first battle was carried out by 3 players. I fought against the emcee! I heard that the other competitor was a past champion of Catan. Wow!
I had a tough time. The competitors made marvelous deals especially in negotiations. I was overwhelmed by them from beginning to end.

However, somehow, I won the game.
I do not know why I gained the victory. I hardly remember the content of this game. Nonetheless victory is no other than victory.

The second game began in this afternoon.
I had a critical mistake in this game at initial placement. I also set some roads in the wrong way. However, the game became a slugging match. Finally I lost the game. If I had taken a victory point card, I would have won.

This map is a specialized version with 3D modelling. For the first time I touched it. Quite beautiful but, to be honest, a little bothersome.

I did not play well in the third game. Dice rolls were also not advantageous for me. The winner was a female player. She said that she came from Kansai. In fact she was also a titleholder of the championship in Hokkaido.

The best 4 players proceeded to the final.

I watched the final to find it was a one sided game. The man holding a microphone in the picture above became the grand champion. He was introduced as a titleholder of several prizes.

Kamata is famous as a Jiaozi (Gyoza) maker. I ate Jiaozi at a Chinese restaurant named Konparu. Quite satisfied!

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