Monday, September 15, 2014

London City Mapper and transportation

London is a big city. I often lose the way.

When you look around London, I recommend you to use Citymapper.


It is an excellent application to view the map of London. It is available in both iPhone and Android smartphone. It can show you some alternative ways to the goal you input. With this app, you can utilize all London tubes and buses.

London Underground is very famous. However, buses are less expensive. You have to pay only 1.5 GBP regardless of the length of riding on. Unfortunately, buses are vulnerable to traffic jam. In addition, crowded Buses sometimes go through a station without stopping. Actually, traffic position in London is so terrible that the Minister is concerned about it.

Chronic overcrowding on London commuter trains must be solved, says Transport Minister

Digital maps help us greatly. Nowadays, there is also such a map, suggesting the territories of gangs.

Google MAP: South London Gang Regions

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