Thursday, October 16, 2014

A psychiatrist almost dead

Mr. Kyo is a psychiatrist, the director of Kyo mental clinic. He was so an energetic person that he had been publishing an email magazine every 2 weeks in addition to his daily clinical work. He was fond of athletic exercise. Yet I have not met him personally, he looked pleasant and intrepid.

His email magazine had not been issued for half a year. To be honest, I did not recognize his absence.

Today, I received his email. I was astonished reading it, to be notified about what had happened to him.

He was attacked by an acute myocardiac infarction during enjoying triathlon. He was sent to an emergency hospital, to escape death. It was extremely fortunate for him that some competitors following him were medical practitioners.

He wrote the whole event of the accident in his email and blog. He never saw afterlife or any other supernatural visions during struggling on the hospital bed. Yet still with minimal panic attacks, he has recovered now. I was so relieved.

He writes that he has changed his concept of life. He would have been happy if he had died at the time, as his words, because he had been satisfied in his life. Therefore, this survival is a gift, said he. He has made an oath never regret this miraculous survival.

I was so impressed in his power and positiveness. 

It is often said that an experience to approach a real death changes his life. But I hardly believe it. A simple event does not so much influence on the lifestyle even if it is so critical. Only a person ready to face to a crisis and alter himself to adopt it can make it change into an advantage.

Mr. Kyo must be ready to live and die. I truly respect his attitude.


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