Saturday, November 8, 2014

Poppies beside Tower of London

The garden around the Tower of London has been covered with thousands of poppies.

The poppies are not vital flowers, but artificial ones made of ceramic, designed by Paul Cummins, a ceramic artist.

These enormous poppies were planted to ease the victims of the first World War. There are 888,246 poppies there, as the same number of the people victimized in the cruel war.

Tower of London remembers the First World War

The poppies will be displayed until Nov. 11. After that, they are going to be sent to the people who bought one with 25 GBP.

I visited there on the way to King’s College. It was so impressive that the floor of ceramic poppies flashed reflecting sunshine. However, the garden was too crowded for me to stay and enjoy the scene.

There were some photos, displayed on the wall. So many young soldiers were victimized.

The event will be terminated soon. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, asked for an extension of exhibiting, liaising with the leaders of opposite parties. It seems difficult, however, to change the schedule. Extending the exhibition would make no more profit to compensate the loss of altering the plan.

The Telegraph: David Cameron joins plea to extend Tower of London poppies

It was lucky for me to see this historic event.


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