Monday, January 12, 2015

Crocodile bile kills 56 people in Mozambique

There is a little strange tragedy occurred in Mozambique. Fifty-six people were killed accidentally, and 49 were also admitted to the hospitals.

According to the media, the victims attended a funeral on that weekend. Homemade beer was delivered at the dinner, which seemed poisoned.

The Guardian: Contaminated beer at funeral kills 56 in Mozambique

It is suspected that crocodile bile was contaminated in the beer. I am not sure how much crocodile bile is harmful to human. Since bile acid has surface active function, similar to soap, it may be poisonous when taken a large amount.

By the way, I was surprised that the authorities identified the ingredient as crocodile bile. I wonder such incidents frequently occur in Mozambique. If this case had happened in Japan, it would have been difficult to identify the poison, despite of the excellent ability of Japanese police investigators.

The motive of the perpetrator remains still unknown. It is impossible that the beer was contaminated accidentally. Someone intended to kill, or at least make suffer to the attendants of the funeral.

I hope the case will be resolved soon.


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