Saturday, March 14, 2015

Journey to Hungary (2)

Journey to Hungary (1)

I completely enjoyed the dinner at Gundel. The dessert was chocolate crepes.

The Danube River changes its face following the time. In the morning, it looked clear and blue.

And at night, the Royal Palace seen over the river was decorated by great illumination. Some ships floated on the river, on which you can enjoy the dinner.

I visited Comme Chez Soi the next night. It was also a splendid restaurant. I ordered foie gras and pasta. Then, the chef served me appetizer and dessert. Everything was tasty.

The last night, I went to Menza. It was also great. It was so crowded, and some guests were celebrated for their birthday. I enjoyed goulash.

Needless to say that the conference was quite informative for me. I learned something new and very inspired. It was unfortunate that I could not carry out sightseeing at all. I will walk around Budapest and other cities in Hungary at the second chance.

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