Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luxury toilet paper

Recently, luxury toilet paper became popular in the US. According to the media, the revenue of ultra-soft toilet paper reached 1.4 billion USD last year. It matches one-fourth of the whole market. And the sales is still growing.

The Washington Post: The rise of luxury toilet paper

This kind of movement is predictable to some extent. After commodities are fully spread to the community, the developers have to add another value on the conventional goods. Every item is repeatedly renewed time by time. It is rather interesting that there has not come until recently.

I think Japanese is one of the most serious consumers of toilet paper. We love cleanness and public bathing. Some Japanese have vulnerable skin. They never use hard paper towel. Several providers offer luxury tissues as well as toilet paper. I was fond of using "Hana Serebu" [Nose celebrity] in Japan.

Nowadays, there is little difference between brands in the quality of toilet paper. Formerly, cheap toilet paper was so hard in European countries that I felt painful after swiping my anus. Now, I buy the most inexpensive ones at Morrison's. It is soft enough for daily use. I noticed to be surprised that the VAT was added to the price of toilet paper. Is the toilet paper not essential for British?

When it becomes difficult to make difference in the quality of the goods, it commonly occurs in the mature market, the companies can only three choices: retreat from the market, compete with low price, or innovation. However, it is almost impossible to invent a brand new toilet paper. Although there are many types of luxury toilet paper, there is little difference between them. Such luxury toilet paper will become popular also in Europe. And it will disappear soon, as Svetlana Uduslivaia warns in the article. Commodity is commodity.

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